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Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Intrepid.

Intrepid Girls Lacrosse Club is the region’s leader in developing lacrosse players. Established in 2005 as the first elite lacrosse club for girls, we have grown to serve over 150 families annually through summer and fall seasons.
Our commitment to our member families and players is to:

Provide superior coaching with a combination of college and high school coaches

Provide comprehensive recruiting guidance for those interested in attending college including the pursuit of playing lacrosse at the next level

Remain a non-profit organization directing 100% of our resources to player development. 

Intrepid provides a unique opportunity for players of all levels to improve their ability and confidence through our diverse programming options and leadership opportunities. You can explore those opportunities in the pages that follow. Welcome to Intrepid!

An Ode to Intrepid by 2016 Grad Kiera Zacher
To sum up my amazing Intrepid experience, here is a poem inspired by Gloria Gaynor
At first I was afraid
I was petrified
Thinking I could never live
without soccer by my side
I spent so many nights
thinking how I had played so long
but I grew strong
and then the Naugles came along
they showed me lax
and it was fun
out of all the sports that I had played 
I knew this was the one 
so the Naugles said to me
you gotta meet Becky
'cause club is great
and Intrepid is the place
And now I'm back
from surgery 
I've had tons of injuries but thank you all for supporting me
this journey is one
that I surely won't forget
I've played the sport I loved
and loved the people that I met
But it's time to go
down separate roads
for each of us to find out
just what our future holds
I know it's gonna hurt me when we have to say goodbye
yet we won't crumble
but we probably will cry
we're gonna thrive
we will survive
oh as long as we've got our Intrepid family by our side
some have more lacrosse to play
some have gone in different ways
but we'll survive
we will survive
hey hey 
(In conclusion I would also like to thank all of the incredible coaches I've had over the years and I'm sorry you didn't make it in to the poem but not much rhymes with coach)

by posted 02/07/2016
SRU Clinics Announced!

See Below For Info on two clinics hosted by the SRU Staff!

Clinic 1 Feb. 14th

Clinic 2 Feb. 28th

by posted 01/07/2016
Intrepid Mid-Season Newsletter

Find out more about our organization and what we call the Intrepid Difference!

Click Here to Download Our Most Recent Newsletter! 

by posted 01/09/2015
The Intrepid Experience - What our members think...
"The recruiting support that I have gotten from Becky has been the best thing that has happened to my lacrosse career.  Having someone sit down with me and answer my texts and emails every week has enabled me to pursue playing lacrosse in college.  I wouldn't have achieved this goal without my Intrepid Family!"
-2015 Elite Player
“We stick with Intrepid because they consistently get kids recruited and send them on to play at the next level.  We have tried other options, but nothing gives our daughter the kid of exposure and coaching that Intrepid has demonstrated year after year.  There definitely is a higher level of service here.”
-2017 Parent

"This was our first year on Intrepid and the experience went beyond our expectations.  The coaches were wonderful, the skills learned were invaluable, and the tournament experience gave my daughter confidence that she and her teammates could play at a very high level.  Overall, our family was very happy with our experience and my daughter is ready for the fall practices and tournaments."
-2016 Elite Parent

“The whole experience was wonderful from our stand point. My daughter made so many new friends, played so much better, and became so much more confident because of Intrepid. She can't wait until next year.”
-Middle School Parent
“The coaches are GREAT!  Evolution was a great alternative for our family and even has my daughter thinking about Elite tryouts for next year!
-Evolution Parent

posted 08/01/2013
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